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  New common bill form for drawing non-salary claims - Renamedas from TR 59(C). G.O.(P) No. 306/2014 Fin Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 23.7.2014   DA Arrears Crediting to Provident Fund. Time Limit Extended. GOP No. 303/2014 Fin dtd 21.07.2014
  P&ARD - 12th report of Second Administrative Reforms Commission of India- Affidavition and self attestation of G.O.(P)No.24/2014/P&ARD Dt. 31/07/2014     Pay Revision Questionnaire - Malayalam   English Dt. 07/08/2014  
  Reckoning of prior service for pensionary benefits - Instructions Issued - Cir.No.56/2014/Fin Dt. 06/06/2014    Report of Transfer of Charges - Clarification issued Cir.No.24151/Admn. A2/14/Fin Dt.19/06/2014
  Setting up of E - treasury - Online Payment of Chelans - Orders Issued G.O.(P)No.310/2014/Fin Dt. 30/07/2014    Income Tax - Monthly deduction from the salary of Govt Employees - reg - Cir. Dt. 24/07/2014 
  Compassionate Employment Scheme -Fixing of norms regarding service conditions of appointees recruited against supernumerary posts-Orders issued - G.O.(MS)No.22/2014/P&ARD Dt. 21/07/2014      
  Revision of DA to state govt employees (73%).GO(P) No.221/2014/Fin Dated 16/06 /2014.   KSR - Cancellation of un-availed portion of Leave Without Allowance - Instructions from Finance department - Circular No 39-2014-Fin dated 30-04-2014
  National Pension System-Delay in registration of employees coming under NPS- Instructions issued-Reg. No.49/2014/ Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 27.05.2014.   NPS - Revised procedure for submitting PRAN.Circular No 51/2014/Fin Dated 29/05 /2014
  House Building Advance: Online Registration-Instructions issued.Circular No 44/2014/Fin Dated 23/05/2014   New Common Bill Form TR 59A for drawing non salary claims from treasuries.GO(P)No 149/2014/Fin Dated 26/04/ 2014
  Guidelines for maintaining HMC Accounts   Extension of due date for filing TDS/TCS statements for FYs 2012-13 and 2013-14.Circular dtd 04/03/2014
  Maintenance of seprate register for computer Hardware & Software   Hon.High Court stays Late Filing Fees U/s. 234E for late filing of TDS return 
  National Pension System- GPF Rules made applicable .GO(P)No 81/2014/Fin Dtd 24.02. 2014   New TR 46 Bill Forms - GO(P)No 76-2014-Fin Dated 21-02-2014


  Circular No 4-2013 of CBDT   NPS Order & PRAN Form
  Casual Sweeper Wages 4000




  Travelling Allowance - Revision of TA ceiling of State Govt.Employees   NPS Press Release.
  Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief.General guidelines for the payment.GO(P) No 629-2013-Fin dated 23-12-2013    DA/DR rates revised(63%) with effect from 01/07/2013 GO(P) No 630-2013-Fin dated 23-12-2013
  Post creation Additional LS   General Transfer 2014 Order
  Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 2014. GO(P) No 555/2013/Fin Dated 13/11/2013.   DA Crediting to PF Account.Time Limit Extended GO(P) No 545-2013-Fin dated 06-11-2013
  Early Disbursement of 25% of Pay & Allowances and Pension for December 2013. GO(P) No 602-13-Fin dated 11-12-2013   Family Pension to Parents of deceased Government Employee- Liberalizing existing norm.GO(p) No. 621/2013 Fin dtd TVM 19.12.2013
  Early Disbursement of 50% of Pay and Allowances.GO(P) No 412-13-Fin dated 30-08-2013   Group Insurance Scheme-Enhancement of Rate of Interest - GO(P) No 533-13-Fin dated 25-10-2013
  GPAI Scheme Renewal of the scheme for 2013 Modified - GO(P) No 176-2013-Fin dated 17-04-2013   Service Regularization & PSC Verification of Gazetted Officers GO 23/2013 dtd 16/08/2013
  NRHM adopts new SPR   Night Duty off - Medical Officers
  GPAI Scheme 2014   Pay Adhoc Doctors
  Family Pension to the parents of deceased Govt. Employee consequent on remarriage_death of spouse_GO(P)No 374-2013-Fin Dated 01-08-2013   Adhoc Bonus/ Special Festival Allowance to Government employees 2013. GO(P)No.430/2013/Fin Dated 05/09/2013, GO(P)No.431 /2013 /Fin Dated 05/09/2013 and GO(P)No.432/2013/Fin Dated 05/09 /2013
  Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief to State Government Employees and Pensioners(8% Enhancement).GO(P) No 220/2013/Fin Dated 14/05 /2013   Child Care Allowance to Government Employees having Mentally/Physically challenged children G.O(Ms)No. 360/2013/(171) Fin dtd 24-07-2013
  Adhoc appointment of cleaning staff   Enhanced Spl CL Cancer Treatment
  Provident Funds - Rate of interest for 2013-14.GO(P)No 189/2013/Fin Dated 26/04/2013   Sum Assured Table and Surrender Value of SLI GO(P) No 530/2013 Fin Dated 22-10-13 
  Medical Reimbursement Freedom Fighters Procedure   Duty Time Doctors
  Treasury Fixed Deposits- Rate of Interest - Revised GO(P)No.143/2013/Fin Dated 25/03/2013   Validity of Income Certificate Issued From Village/Taluk Office GO(Ms)No.160/2013/ RD Dated 25/04/2013
  SPL CL for organ donors   MR Freedom Fighters Listed Hospital
  SPL CL for chemo therapy & Heart disease   Loans and Advances; Recovery during April 2013 postponed. GO(Ms)No.177/2013/ Fin Dated 18/04/2013
  Guidelines on pay fixation of PTS   SPL CL for parents of disables children
  Leave without allowance (LWA)-Restrictions relaxed - GO(P) No 529-13-Fin Dated 22-10-13    SPARK -Time Limit for updation & Locking - Extended.Circular No.37/2013/Fin Dated 08/04/2013.
  No NAC for Karunya Purchases   Rates of daily wages
  PTS Area of responsibility   Wages of Drivers
  National level strike of employees and workers on 20.02.2013 and 21.02.2013- Absence of employees for want of public conveyance - Regularised.GOP No.68/2013 dtd 12.03.2013   Implementation of National(Contributory) Pension System for State employees appointed on or after 01 .04.7013,forwarding of Permanent Retirement Account Number Forms .G.O(P)No. 149/2013/Fin. Dated, TVM, 03/04/13
  Applications Through Proper Channel Only   PF Contingent Employees
  Completing Data Entry and Locking Fields in Spark.Circular No.27/2013 Fin dtd 5/3/2013   DA Arreears Crediting to PF.Time Limit Extended. GO(P)No 130-2013-Fin Dated 11-03-2013
  CH Paramedical Staff   Strengthening of Hospitals
  General Administration (SS) Department - General Strike by a section of State Government employees and teachers from 08-01-2013- Dies non- Recovery of Salary- Orders issued. G.O.(P) No.21/2013/GAD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram , 25.01.2013    Threatened Strike by a section of Government Employees and Teachers on 20th and 21st February 2013 - Measures for dealing with G.O (P) No. 42/2013/GAD Dtd 18-02-2013
  NLC - LC for JPHNs   Spark: Locking of data Circular No 15-2013-Fin Dated 02-02-2013
  Cancellation of Working Arrangement   Irregular Fixation of Pay and Allowances -Verification & Refund-Guidelines.GOP No.12/2013/Fin Dated 30/01/2013.
  Repair of Vehicles - Approved workshops   Adjustment of Advances
  Threatened strike by a section of Government Employees on 8th January 2013- Measures for dealing with - Orders issued G.O (P) No. 385/2012/GAD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 26-12-2012    Initiating Disciplinary actions against a section of Government employees resoerted to strike- Orders issued G.O (P) No.17/13/GAD Thiruvananthapuram Dated: 19.01.2013
  LSGD utilities charges   Nabi Day Holiday Advanced to 24/01/13. G.O
  MR Latest list of empanelled hospitals   Implementation of National Pension System GO(P)No.20/2013/Fin Dated 07/01/ 2013.
  Reckoning of provisional service   Leave Travel Concession - Rules/Guidelines Issued GO(P)No 5/2013/Fin Dated 02/01/2013 
  Relinquishment of promotion   Employees and Teachers belonging to Nair Community are permitted to avail Restricted Holiday.GO 
  List of reimbursable medicines - Alopathy   Government employees and teachers in Kerala to wear Khadi-Handloom apparels on Wednesdays.G.O. (Ms) No. 155/2012/ID Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 27-12-2012 
  Constitution of HMC Order.pdfLatest order on constitution of HMC   Marking Attendance
  Qualification for the post of LDC   Local holiday of Thai pongal festival advanced to 14-1-2013 G.O (Rt) No. 10689/12/GAD Thiruvananthapuram, 26-12-2012
  Change of Designation LDC - UDC   Income tax to be deducted from the arrear amount that to be merged with the PF account of the employees.Judgement
  JHI GR-1 & II Interchangeable   Restricted Holiday.Guidelines Dated 21/12/2012
  Rate of Daily Wages for Drivers   Early disbursement of Pay and allowance of december 2012 in connection with Christmas.GO(P)No 678/2012/Fin Dated 12/12/2012
  Non Wearing of Uniform   SPARK-Limiting the authorizations to competent authorities -Directions
  SPL CL for organ donors   LWA before completion of probation.GO (p)No.471/2012/Fin dtd 23/08/2012 
  RSBY Honouring of old cards   D A to State Government Employees.GO(P)No.614/2012/Fin Dated 08/11/2012 
  New Pension Scheme Guidelines   SLI: Revision of Monthly Premium GO dtd 09/02/12
  Arr.DA Time Extended   Group Personnel Accident Insurance Rate Enhanced : Govt Order
  MR revised ceiling   PF Advance Sanction Rules Revised GO Dtd 18/10/2011
  Condemnation Guidelines   Pay Revision 2009-Reoption Permitted 
  Leave Travel concession   Disbursement of Personal Entitlements of Employees through Banks 
  Centralised Payment Water & Electricity Charges   Group Insurance Scheme : Rate of Subscription Revised
  Spl CL For Blood Donation   Paternity Leave GuideLines & Order dtd 11/08/11
  Filing of Property Statement   Special Casual Leave for parents of Physically/ Mentally Challenged-Guidelines dtd 06/08/2011
  LWA Sanctioning Authority   DA Order(7%) GO(P)No. 535/2011/Fin Dated 14/11/2011.
  Contributory Pension Scheme   Early disbursement of Pay and Allowances & Pension in connection with Christmas
  Purchase of CAR/BIKE Non Refundable Advance From GPF.Basic Pay Limit Revised Order dtd 03/02/2012   Govt imposes 'dies-non' on striking employees:GO
  Fixation Increment Barred Case   Rate of Interest on GPF for the Fin.Year 2011-12.GO dtd 24/03/12
  CH for Part Time Staff   Loans and Advances :Recovery during April 2012 Postponed.GO dtd 10/04/2012
  Approved hospitals MR   Enhancement of age of Retirement and Creation of Supernumerary posts.Order and Notification dtd 26/03/2012 
  Asha Payments   Completing data entry and locking fields in SPARK.Directions.
  Working Hrs Radiographers   Dearness Allowance Revised(7%).GO(P)No 323-2012-Fin dated 04/06/2012
  NRHM Guidelines   PF Interest Rate Fixed for 2012-13.GO(p) No.359-2012-Fin dtd 29/06/2012
  Workinghours Para Medics   Public Service:Procedure for Police Verification GO(p) No 79/2009/Home dtd 05/06/2009
  W-hrs Paramedics 2   Kerala General provident Fund Rules 2011 Notification dtd 07/02/2012(Revised Forms,Rules Etc:-)
  Weekly off & CH   D A Arrears to Provident Fund-Time Limit - Extended_GO(P)No 420-2012-Fin Dated 28-07-2012
  Transfer Guidelines HSD   Contributory Pension Scheme.GO(P)No 441-2012-Fin Dated 08-08-2012
  Standardisation of Institutions   Early Disbursement of Pay& Allowance/ Pension in Connection with Ramzan and OnamGO(P) No.452/12/Fin dated 10.08.2012
  Staff Pattern   Onam Advance to Government Employees.GO(P) No.462/2012/Fin Dated 17/08/2012
  Sp CL Keemotherapy   Adhoc Bonus and Special Festival Allowance.GO(P) No.461/2012/Fin Dated 17/08/2012
  SP CL Handicapped Children   GPAIS Renewal 2012-13.GO(P) No 606-2012-Fin dated 03-11-2012
  SLI Rates 2012   Restricted holiday on 27-10-2012 in connection with Bakrid G.O (MS) No. 292/12/GAD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 25-10-2012
  Revised scales jhi- jphn   Bakrid Festival - Early disbursement of Pay and Allowances.GO(P) No.593/2012/Fin Dated 18/10/ 2012
  Revised Scale MOs   Revision of Pension and Other benefits.Modified GO(P)No.551/2012/Fin Dated 09/10/2012
  Responsibilities LSGIs   Dies non on 21.08.2012 GO dtd 17/08/12 
  Prof tax handicapped   GIS rates 2011
  Paternity Leave   Delegation Financial Powers
  OP Timing 2   Contingent Employees PF
  OP Timing 1   Common Audit Objections
  NCD Guidelines   Adoption Leave
  Modified Pay MOs   List or Registers
  Medicines from LSG Funds   Higher Grade Guidelines
  Medical Certificate Fee   HDC Honorarium
  Maternity hystecomy leave   GPF Sanctioning Authority